M&A Advisory

The background screening industry has long been characterized by continued consolidation of providers trying to obtain scale, a foothold in a particular industry and, or differentiated technology.

That has never been more true than today where M&A activity in the background screening market has become white-hot over the last several years from consolidation and industry roll-ups to significant outside investment from the private equity market.

However, not all buyers and sellers are created equal or have the same expectations. IQubed helps you cut through the noise, manage expectations and target the right companies based on your exit and investment strategies.

Specialties Include:

  • Strategic Planning
  • Preparing Company for Sale
  • Guide Buyers on Acquisition Targets
  • Industry Knowledge and Expertise
  • Understanding of Market Trends and Competitive Landscape

The Total Addressable Market of the domestic pre-employment screening industry is valued at $5 billion, domestic post-employment screening is valued at $4 billion and the international pre and post-screening market is valued at $4 billion. 

Let IQubed help you capitalize on this market.



Drive revenue and profitability. Build your brand. Launch a new product. Position your company for exit.